Since 1986, RoutsLaeven has been known as a negotiation specialist. She helps people and organisations negotiate in a more strong and flexible manner. Over 30 years ago, the outlines for this unique negotiation method were introduced in the Netherlands by John Routs and Joep Laeven. Fundamental in RoutsLaeven’s approach to negotiation are the Harvard negotiation principles. Over the years, this method has developed further and is currently based on seven core principles which allow you to prepare, do and learn from every negotiation.
RoutsLaeven is convinced of the fact that applying these seven principles allows you to make solid deals and build good relationships. While maintaining an effective and efficient process.

Due to her collaboration with Forum, an international training office focussed on leadership and commerce, RoutsLaeven has gathered didactic expertise concerning ‘driving business performance through learning’. When complex negotiation challenges occur, the Harvard negotiation principles and