Questions that our coachees cope with are for example:

  • “I want to stay strong when things get complex”
  • “I have a difficult time coping with political and psychological games”
  • “I am reaching the limits of my efficiency, right when I have to step up my game since I’ve been given more responsibility”
  • “The complexity of my projects increases, can you help me cope with that?”
  • “I lack tactical and strategical insights in order to take the next steps in a complex environment”

These dilemma’s also include a negotiation with yourself. You are blinded by your own way of  thinking and stumble upon the common pitfalls. Our coaching sessions are concrete and practical on the one hand. On the other hand, we investigate deeper patterns and beliefs, as this is often where a breakthrough can be realized.


Duration: about 4-5 sessions
Participants: 1:1 or team relationship

Different types of custom training


In addition to 1:1 coaching, we also help uncover underlying dynamics on the group- or even corporate level. We use specific analyses to reveal which patterns, dynamics and barriers are at stake. This way, we discover which steps are necessary to take in order to realize a breakthrough. We work closely with Guus Hustinx and Mieke Laarakkers, who are specialists on this topic.

Immunity to Change

Some coaching dilemma’s can be described as “wanting to go forward, while keeping a foot on the break”. You are aware of how you should behave, but actually changing the way you act is not easy. You are stuck. A specific approach that could help you in this case is the ‘Immunity-to-Change’ method. This approach is based upon over 20 years of adult development research by Harvard University. The coach specialized on this topic is Cornelis Tanis. He is an Overcoming Immunity-to-Change specialist, certified by Harvard professors Kegan and Lahey.

As a first step you will make a diagnosis of your psychological immune system: your system that blocks behavioral change. Next, through various exercises, you will learn how to take your foot of the break in a safe way. Over a period of 3 to 4 months you develop a certain way of thinking, feeling and handling (mindset).

Examples of successful ‘Immunity to Change’ developments are:

  • Successful Key Account manager improves his internal cooperation and becomes a European Division Leader
  • Business Developer grows into a Board position
  • National Sales Director learns to delegate and develops himself to Managing Director
  • Department Manager is able to say ‘no’ more often to interna. assignments  to develop more external business.
  • Sector leader learns how to efficiently cope with ‘conflicts’, by which he better takes care of himself and his peers.

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