Our tailor made training programs focus on realizing concrete business goals such as an increase in the number of customers, better cooperation, increased profits and improvements in efficiency.

Our training sessions consist of 15% theoretical concepts and 85% practising. Theoretical concepts: we provide a coherent toolkit including concepts and skills, based on a fundament of values such as integrity, reasonability and openness. Practising: we use small groups, challenging cases linked to your on the job experiences, including a lot of personal feedback. We make you experiment with different behavioural methods in order to use the theory in your daily practise. Generally, our training sessions are divided into multiple ‘blocks’, so in between sessions one can put the learned techniques into practise and experiment.

Several months after the training we assess and measure the actual changes in behaviour and achieved results with respect to the content (better deals, increased margin, customer satisfaction etc.) and the relationship (gain of trust, reconstruct the relationship).

Example of a tailor made training process:


Occasionally, Aikido is an integrated part of our training sessions. The martial art Aikido revolves around the ‘involvement with your partner, which is a perfect metaphor for the Harvard negotiation method. Exercises with Aalt Aalten are a unique experience; a comfortable and bewildering event. It teaches you lessons that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Workplace learning

In our tailor made training sessions, we offer the opportunity to improve the learning processes on the job. For example, we obtain feedback from colleagues prior, customers and managers up front. We also use mutual coaching and challenging, interim, exercises.


According to recent research by Harvard University, performing simulations prior to the actual negotiation, leads to a significantly improved deal. A simulation helps with the preparation, the strategy assessment and increases your skill level. We are in possession of over 200 role-play simulations, which we can shape to your specific case.


Duration: multiple days (2+ days)
Participants: 6-9

Take Away’s

  • Develop a skill- and mindset by practising
  • High impact through personal feedback
  • A coherent method that is based upon values
  • Directly applicable
  • Measurable results
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